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Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy

The company with the legal name “FORUM TRADE SHOWS-PUBLICATIONS-CONFERENCES SA”, hereinafter the “Company” pays great attention to the lawful processing, security and protection of your personal data, regardless of your status when you communicate or collaborate with us. The Company is committed to  respecting and protecting  your personal data.

Please read carefully these terms and the relevant Personal Data Security and Protection Policy of the Company. By using our website and the “foodexpob2b platform”, hereinafter the “Platform”, you consent and unreservedly accept the practices described in this Policy, whose terms shall hereinafter govern our relationship and become part of the terms of use of all our services. This Protection Policy may be supplemented with additional privacy statements, terms or notices shared with you.


The services of this website and the Platform are intended for professionals only.  They must not be used by individual consumers or users. Personal data is collected for business purposes during the use of the Platform and the provision of our services. The use of any personal information by any user is subject to privacy laws. Each user is solely responsible for abiding by the applicable laws and regulations to ensure that the use of the Platform complies with privacy rules. Users are expressly prohibited from using any information for other activities (legal or illegal) or for purposes other than their intended purpose at the Platform.

What is personal data?

Your personal data includes any information in printed or electronic means that can lead, either on its own or in combination with other information, to your unique identification or detection as a natural person. This information includes, depending on the case, details such as full name, physical and electronic addresses, numbers of fixed or mobile phones, e-mail, identifiers of equipment or terminals, computers, smart phones, tablets, Internet search history (log files, cookies, etc.) and any other information which allows your identification, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR 2016/679), Law 4624/2019, any Greek law applicable at the time, and the decisions of the Hellenic Data Protection Authority (HDPA).

Which data is collected

Α) When you visit and browse our website
We do not collect any data, other than those collected via cookies, to which you have consented and which are described in details in our Cookies Policy here.

Β) When you register as a user of our services:
First, we ask you to fill in a registration form, in which you enter the following data: first and last name, contact number, e-mail, details of the company you represent, your position in this company, corporate e-mail and website, country of origin of the company and other data, as appropriate. We will process such data in order to examine your request to register as a user of our Platform. Once your request is accepted, we send you an e-mail with a link to a page where you are invited to create your profile by entering a unique username and a password for the Platform.  This process creates a folder that stores the above-mentioned data, as well as those that you voluntarily enter when you manage your account.

C) Publication information:
If you submit any information to the Platform to be published via our publication tools, including but not limited to your full name, contact numbers, e-mail, business profile, product catalogue, etc. and any discussion forum, this information is collected and you are considered to have consented to the publication of such information to the Platform users.

D) Account Activity Information:
We record and keep files of your account activity when you use the Platform services.

Ε) Statistics:
Moreover, we collect statistics regarding the website and our users, such as IP addresses, browsers, operating systems, hardware and software characteristics, number of sessions, unique visitors, etc.

F) Marketing information:
From time to time, we collect information on users and potential users during trade shows, marketing events and other activities, for marketing purposes.

How we collect your personal data

The Company collects your personal data when you accept the terms of use of each of our services, for example:

  • when you submit a request to register with the Platform, in order to find out whether you can validly register as a Platform user;
  • when you create your user account, enter and publish data via the Platform;
  • when you e-mail us or fill in a request;
  • when you contact our offices or the customer service department and our call centre, either for the provision of services or to express your opinion, complaint or feedback;
  • when you voluntarily subscribe to printed or electronic catalogues or newsletters, in order to receive via printed media, electronically or via SMS information or other marketing material or update your preferences or participate in questionnaires and surveys;
  • when you visit our websites through which we collect via cookies, following your explicit consent, information from your terminal, such as IP address, type of operating system, type and version of browser, etc.
  • when we receive documents, requests, orders, case files, warrants, etc. by third parties, such as supervising, prosecutorial, judicial and tax authorities, within the framework of crime investigation and your protection against fraud or the fight against any type of crime or the prevention of the violation of legal rights.

What we do with your data

Depending on how you interact with us and with the Services, we use your personal data, having received your explicit consent which can be freely revoked at any time, to perform our contractual or pre-contractual obligations to you, serve our legal interests or defend your vital interests, so as to:

  • provide, activate and manage your access to the Services and the Platform. We may use the collected information to provide you with account-related services, such as trouble-shooting and dispute resolution. We may use the collected information to facilitate correct use of the Platform and the business activities of its users/members.
  • improve our marketing and promotional efforts, analyse Platform and website use statistics, improve our content and our offers in products/services and tailor the content, display and services of our website specifically to you. We may provide the collected information to our partners and providers, on the basis of a contract for the support of the operation of our Platform and Services.
  • contact you for any additional services that might be of interest to you. More specifically, we may use your e-mail, your postal address, your fixed line number, your mobile phone number to contact you in relation to notifications, surveys, product notices, new services or product offers and communications related to the use of our Platform. We may create reports and analyses on the basis of your registration details, for internal analysis, follow-up and marketing decisions.
  • manage a request, the downloading of a file or other operations.
  • provide technical, product-related and other support and, thus, contribute to keeping our Services operational and secure.
  • meet our legal obligations, resolve disputes and execute our agreements.

Which are the collection and processing principles

The aim of this Personal Data Protection Policy is to inform you on the terms that govern the collection, processing and transmission of your personal data that we may collect as Data Controllers or Processors. The Company and its trained staff apply the ten Processing Principles under GDPR 2016/679 (lawfulness, fairness, transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, accuracy, storage limitation, integrity, confidentiality and accountability). The Company protects and ensures your eight rights in relation to the use of your personal data (information, access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, portability, objection, non-automated decision making based on profiling, as specifically described in the Greek law). All these rights are valid without any discrimination and apply to all types of processing and all provided services.

Access and update of your data

Your account
Services allow users to have direct access to their personal data, check information of their concern and make rectifications or updates at any time. Users are solely responsible for updating this information. Users may also close down their account directly through the Services or by contacting Customer Support at

Minimisation, storage and erasure of your data
The Company shall always ask for the minimum personal data required under the law in order to connect with the electronic Platform and our services and contact other users.
Our Company retains your personal data only for as long as it is required under the terms of each service, in combination with the applicable legislation, based on the specific purpose of processing. Then, your data is either anonymised or destroyed. You may request and receive information on which data is collected from you and rectify or erase them, by filling in the relevant application, unless their retention is required under law, for tax, evidence or judicial purposes or for the prosecution of unlawful actions. You may contact us at or 00302105242100 (contact person: Gialouris Athanasios)

Data transmission to third parties
As a rule, our Company does not transmit your personal data to third parties. However, with your consent, when you use the services and the Platform, the Exhibitors will gain knowledge of your data, in order to satisfy your requests to them, as well as other Platform users. Moreover, official State and supervising bodies may gain knowledge of your data (e.g. prosecutorial authorities, the Electronic Crime Prosecution Unit, the HDPA, the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission, the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy, supervising authorities), when we are called upon to comply with the law and prevent unlawful actions against us and our clients (telecommunications fraud, insult, infringement of the right of personality, etc.). By using the Platform and by creating an account, you consent to the publication of your data to the Platform users.
Our company chooses reliable providers and we try to set restrictions to third parties that receive your personal data, in order to ensure their lawful use. However, we cannot guarantee that such parties will not use or disclose such data without your permission. This is why we recommend to carefully review the personal data protection practices of any third parties, exhibitors, users, etc., whose products or services you wish to use through the Platform.
We do not send your data outside the E.U. Your Personal Data are stored and processed only within the E.U.

Security of your personal data
In any case, we take the appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data. Our aim is to ensure that your personal information are transmitted, stored and processed in accordance with the right international standards and security procedures. Our Company’s staff is trained and accountable, and we recognise the importance of privacy and personal information protection. To this end, we have in place appropriate security measures and we use the necessary technical and business tools, such as anonymisation, pseydonymisation, data encryption, tokenisation, firewalls use, establishment of levels of access, authorised employees, staff training, regular checks, compliance with international security and business continuity standards.
All partners that have access to the aforementioned information use it solely to serve the above-mentioned purposes. We share the information you provide us with exclusively in the ways described herein.

Links to third-party websites
Our corporate website and the Platform may contain links to the websites of third parties, such as professionals, service providers, commercial companies, etc.; such websites are operated and maintained solely by them and we have no control over them, as already mentioned. Therefore, we bear no responsibility whatsoever for the content, the actions or policies of such websites. Please read carefully the relevant personal data protection policies of the websites that you use, since they may significantly different from ours.

Unsolicited commercial communication
The Company does not allow the use of our website or services for the transmission of massive or unsolicited commercial e-mails (spam). Moreover, we do not allow messages to be sent from and towards our clients, if they use or contain invalid or counterfeit headers, invalid or inexistent domain names, techniques to conceal the origin of the message, false or misleading information or if they breach the website terms of use. We do not allow in any way the collection of e-mails or general information of our clients and users through our website or services. We do not allow nor authorise any attempt to use our services in a way that could harm, deactivate or put a strain on our services or prevent anyone who wishes to lawfully use our services.
If we consider that any of our services have been used in an unauthorised or inappropriate manner, we may, without notice, at our absolute discretion, take the necessary measures to block messages from a specific domain name, an e-mail server or an IP address. We may delete immediately any account that uses our services, if we consider, at our discretion, that such account transmits or is related to the transmission of any messages which breach this Policy.

Questions or comments
If you have any questions or comments on this Personal Data Security and Protection Policy or if you consider that we have not abided by the principles set herein, please e-mail us at or contact us at the following address: 328, Vouliagmenis Avenue, Agios Dimitrios, Attica, Postal Code 17342 or call us at 00302105242100 (contact person: Gialouris Athanasios)

Force of the Personal Data Security and Protection Policy
This Policy was published by the Company on 14/07/2020 and is subject to regular amendment and review.