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Terms and Conditions of Use of this website

A. Object of the Website and the “foodexpob2b platform”

This website, as well as the “foodexpob2b platform”, hereinafter the” Platform”, have been developed and are owned by the company under the legal name FORUM Trade Shows Publications Conferences S.A. (hereinafter FORUM), which is established and operates under the Greek Law, has its registered office in Agios Dimitrios, Attica, 328 Vouliagmenis Av., Tax ID no.: 998644926, Tax Office of Piraeus for Societes Anonymes, is duly represented and engages in the organisation of trade shows and conferences and the publication of magazines.
This website and the Platform have been developed and operate with the aim to allow throughout the year international buyers contacted by FORUM SA to interact with FOOD EXPO’s exhibitors and contact them directly for commercial reasons.
A detailed description of the services provided and the characteristics of the Platform can be found here:
To submit a request to open an account on the Platform, please fill in the following form with information, such as: first and last name, contact number, e-mail, details of the company you represent, your position in this company, corporate e-mail and website, country of origin of the company and other data, as appropriate. This information will be used by FORUM to review your request and create your Platform account and profile, provided that your relevant request is accepted.
For any information or clarification, please contact the International Development Deparment BEFORE submitting your relevant request at the following e-mail: or at 00302105242100.
Each account is strictly personal and is approved for one single individual who represents a business, as per the information submitted. Users are themselves solely responsible for the accuracy and the truthfulness of the data submitted, while it is also their obligation to check that such data are correct and keep it updated. Registered users must keep their username and their password confidential. In case of unauthorised use of said username and password, please inform FORUM immediately. For security reasons, a profile/account cannot be directly deleted by the user but by FORUM. If you wish to delete your profile/account, please contact us at
The registration of users who are not professionals in the industries related to the Expo is strictly prohibited. FORUM may send a warning to a user who is suspectedly not a professional, and also delete, without prior notice, any user for the aforementioned reasons. At the same time, it reserves all legal rights and actions aimed at verifying the data of such users.

Β. Notice and acceptance of general terms

The use of the website and the Platform is governed by these terms and conditions, which the users are called upon to read carefully and comply with. The use of the website and the Platform entails unreserved acceptance of these terms and conditions, as applicable from time to time. Please check this page every time you visit this website, since these terms of use may be amended and updated by FORUM, as necessary.

C. Disclaimer

FORUM does not bear any direct or indirect responsibility for any loss (actual or consequential) that may be caused to anyone due to the use this website and the Platform and/or the data contained herein, regardless of whether the relevant information is provided by FORUM or by a user of the services and the Platform or by a third party.
FORUM uses its best efforts so that the content of its website and the Platform is updated, safe and mistake-free. However, it does not under any circumstances fully guarantee the accuracy and the correctness of the data/information found on them. In any case, the user is solely responsible for evaluating any content published on the Platform and FORUM bears no responsibility for any risk or loss that the user may suffer as a result of using such content and the Platform.
The Platform and the services must be used by professionals working in the industries related to the Expo and not by individual end users. Each user is solely responsible for abiding by the applicable laws and regulations and for the accuracy of the published content and information. Users are strictly prohibited from using the Platform for activities other than those described herein.
The information and the profiles posted on the Platform by the users are checked in terms of gross violations of these terms and the Law. Under no circumstances does FORUM guarantee the correctness or validity of the information published by users; such information should not be taken as an encouragement to proceed to any action, including the conclusion of contracts or other types of business relationships. The communication among Platform users takes place under their sole responsibility, while FORUM does not gain knowledge of nor does it influence the content of the communication. Users must be careful as to the e-mails they receive, especially attached files or links, paying special attention to risks related to electronic fraud, networks and information security, etc. By creating an account on the Platform, you accept that FORUM does not bear any responsibility for user-published content and the content of the messages you receive on the media that you have shared.
By using the Platform services, you recognise FORUM’s right to discontinue access to any content that you have submitted and has been reasonably assessed as breaching the terms of use, as well as to prohibit, if necessary, users from posting any content in the future.
The website and the Platform may include links, hyperlinks etc. to other websites, whose providers are fully responsibly for the security, lawfulness and validity of the content of their own websites. Users must become aware of the terms of use of such websites and accept them, if they agree. In any case, FORUM bears no responsibility towards users for their use of third-party websites just because they were featured in this website and Platform.
FORUM does not bear any responsibility for any type of loss suffered by users/visitors of this website and the Platform and by third parties from any cause related to the operation or non-operation of the website, the Platform and/or failure to provide services and/or information available on them and/or services and/or information available through them.

D. Website content

The name, trade name, marks, images, graphics, distinctive characteristics and all content, information, electronic files, services and everything else included in the website and the Platform belong exclusively to FORUM and they constitute protected intellectual property, copyright and industrial property of the latter. Any marks, names or other copyright, intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties, available on the Website and the Platform are also protected in accordance with the applicable legislation.
Visitors are strictly prohibited from exploiting, copying, reproducing, transmitting, reposting, making available, sending or in any other manner using the content and the services of this website and the Platform, apart from the uses that are expressly defined in this website, without prior written consent by FORUM. By way of exception, individual copy and printing of webpages and their content is allowed, on condition that they are not altered in any way and solely if they are intended for personal, informational use by the visitors/users of the website.

Ε. Visitor/User obligations

Visitors/Users of this website and the Platform must comply with the applicable rules and provisions of the Greek, EU and international law and make lawful and appropriate use of this website and the Platform, in compliance with these Terms of Use. Users/Visitors must refrain from any illegal, opposed to common business practices, unfair and abusive use of the content and services of this website and the Platform.
More specifically, any action that is contrary to the law or may harm FORUM and/or third parties is strictly prohibited, including but not limited to:
– intervention on this website and the Platform aimed at misleading any third party in terms of origin of content with the ultimate goal of causing harm to the image and reputation of FORUM or third parties or of impeding free access to this specific website;
– distortion of the information included in the services, as well as publication of undocumented and not duly proven information etc. whose aim is to mislead users/visitors, directly or indirectly influence their behaviour and harm FORUM and its services or third-party services;
– installation and/or promotion, in any manner, of any type pf unsolicited or unauthorised advertising or unsolicited e-mails (spam), chain mails, pyramid schemes or any other type of content promotion, as well as installation of advertising messages without FORUM’s prior written consent;
– installation of code, programme files that can in any manner cause dysfunctions to this website and the Platform or that may prevent its use by third parties;
– causing harm to any third party, in any manner, through the use of the website and the Platform.
Any loss suffered by this website, the Platform and FORUM or, in general, the network due to illegal, bad and non-compliant with these Terms use of this website, the Platform and the webpages and/or services by visitors/users, is exclusively blamed on the latter, while FORUM reserves all its legal rights to protect and safeguard its interests and the violator must remedy any loss caused to FORUM.

F. Provision and availability of content

FORUM uses its best efforts for the maintenance and availability of this website and the Platform. However, it cannot guarantee that its website, the Platform and any other information and/or service included herein will be provided uninterruptedly and error free. Moreover, FORUM reserves the right to modify and/or temporarily or permanently discontinue all or part of its website and the Platform, with and/or without notifying the users, since their availability may also be dependent on parameters beyond its control. Under no circumstances does FORUM bear any responsibility for a user’s failure to connect to this website and the Platform.
FORUM uses its best efforts to protect this website and the Platform against malicious software. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee that its website, the Platform and the relevant servers, through which the content and services of the website are provided to the visitors/users, will not contain viruses or other harmful components. Therefore, users must make sure to protect their own devices that allow them access to the website and the Platform, using their own means (e.g. antivirus, etc.), before using the website and the Platform.

G. Personal Data Protection – Privacy Assurance

The use of the webpages and services provided to visitors/users by this website and the Platform require unreserved user consent to the Personal Data Protection Policy. Therefore, visitors/users must carefully read through the content of the Personal Data Protection Policy, which is posted on this website and can be found at the following link.

H. Cookies Policy

The website may collect user identification data using technologies such as cookies. For more information, visit our Cookies Policy at the following link.

Ι. Dispute resolution

These Terms and Conditions are governed and construed under Greek law. The parties agree to make an effort to amicably settle any dispute that may arise in relation to these Terms of Use. For this reason, if you, as users/members, come across any data or information that is an issue, legally or morally speaking, in the website and the Platform content, please inform immediately the administrator of the website at
If no amicable settlement is achieved, the courts of Athens have jurisdiction to resolve the dispute. By using FORUM’s website and Platform, you expressly and unreservedly accept the above terms.

J. Amendment/Update of the Terms and Conditions of Use

FORUM may amend these Terms of Use from time to time for reasons of compliance with regulatory amendments and optimisation of its operations and services. Any updates and amendments shall be dated and posted on this website, so that it is known which is the most recently updated version.